About Us

aziendajpgFor more than 40 years in the Horse feed area, we have reached levels of technology which become symbol of safety and guarantee both for the product quality and for the output-processing of our mixtures. Our raw materials are chosen one by one and we never use by-products for our end product.

We produce Horse feed using a simple but refined technology: milling, mixing and, if necessary, pelleting the ingredients. One of our strength is also the product flaking, which gives it the typical lamellar appearance. 

As a producer of Horse feed we intend to contribute to our customers’ success with the aim of becoming a partner of the industrial production chains. In close collaboration with customers and partners, we want to give a positive contribute to animal health and welfare, while fully respecting food and environmental safety.  Our working method has been tested over the years, for a co-operative growth with our customers and partners. On the strength of our experience in the area, we have developed a complete line of feed for sport horses, especially formulated, balanced and supplemented in order to support them from their birth to the beginning of their sport activity. We are also able to offer some special formulations designed for animals with specific needs.

Italfiocchi Monfort, thanks to its R&D department, is able to offer to the customers innovative products, new ideas and new applications for the growth and the excellent performances of the animals. Our internal laboratory carries out accurate tests on the incoming raw materials, as required by our certifications.

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