Extruded cereals in feed Italfiocchi, why are they important?

The extruded cereals are obtained by a particular process where, in a short period of time, it takes full advantage of the combination of high pressure and high temperature. This treatment promotes the improvement of the digestibility of the proteins and starch contained in cereals, with a considerable advantage for digestive system. Adding extruded cereals in Italfiocchi Competition feed line, we have improved digestibility, nutritional value and energy that the product can leave available,  with great benefit to the horse easing its digestive function and improving its well-being. For more information please write or contact us directly.

Do you have a suitable feed for an endurance horse?

The endurance horse especially uses aerobic metabolism and as a consequence can conveniently use fats and fibres in addition to starch in order to obtain energy. Our recommended product is H24 Challenge, which has a moderate starch content, but a high amount of fats (8%) deriving from soya oil, linseed and sunflower and with an optimal quantity of digestible fibres, able to supply energy in a controlled but constant way. It also has a good lysine content and antioxidant vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium) to protect muscles from the damages caused by free radicals that are produced during muscle metabolism. For more information, send your request and contact us.

I have a horse suffering from gastritis, which feed do you suggest?

A horse suffering from gastritis needs a product that does not provide a large amount of starch, because it can be fermented by bacteria in the stomach, producing lactic acid which further decreases pH, worsening the problem. For that reason it would be better to use a low starch feed, with a high fats content and digestible fibres that do give energy but also promote chewing and consequently saliva production, causing a greater buffering effect on gastric acidity. Among our products the one which fulfils these needs is FIBER HE, a feed with a low starch but high fats (9%) and fibres content. The daily amount is to be possibly divided into three meals. For more information, send your request and contact us.

I own a horse that will have to go through an intense racing season, what can I use?

A horse that has to undertake an intense racing season will have to be able to bear a heavier workload, frequent transfers, etc. all factors which can increase his stress level. When stress stays high for a long time there can be some negative effects on his immune system and general body condition, up to more or less pronounced weight losses. Italfiocchi has developed a feed that helps counteract stress negative effects PHYT PERFORMANCE. This product, with a very much balanced starch content, a good fats amount and a correct balance also in minerals and vitamins, provides a mixture of medicinal plants which promote stress level control, improving the horse’s general well-being, helping him better tolerate an intense racing activity. For more information, send your request and contact us.

I use a mixture of simple cereals to feed my horses. Do you have a product to couple with cereals in order to compensate the deficiencies?

Italfiocchi produces a balancing concentrate called Breeding Balancer, It is specifically studied to compensate cereals imbalances and deficiencies, in particular the one in essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It has to be used during breeding phase but also for adult horses and with those animals which would need to regain weight. You will find the dosage in the technical data sheet. For more information, send your request and contact us.

Is it convenient to use oil in the horses’ ration in the hot period?

During the summer we can use some expedients intervening on the diet to make sure that the horse can at best overcome to heat effects and contrast its negative effect. The use of oil especially in horses heavily involved agonistically (but not only), provides a quote of energy easily digestible for the horse without weighing down the digestive tract and especially without producing internal temperature increasesrelated to digestion process, which are characteristic of fibre digestion (especially hays). In these situations the use of  50-100 cc of oil is absolutely recommended so to provide energy, perhaps reducing a bit the intake of cereals. If we use NUTRIOIL then we will also have the advantage of giving the horse the essential fatty acids Omega 3 series and Gamma Oryzanol, which promote a general well-being. For more infomation contact us.

Which is the feed you recommend for horses that work and quite regularly race?

A horse that works and races quite regularly needs a digestible feed with a good value protein, able to adequately support muscles and with energy to fulfil the needs which come from work increase. In that case we have various solutions, from H10, totally oat-free to H14 which contains a 30% of oats.  These feeds have been thought for working horses and are able to satisfy their requirements without overfeeding and so avoiding overloading the horse’s digestive system. For more information, send your request and contact us.

I have a horse suffering from muscle acidosis, do you have a suitable product for these individuals?

The excessive production of lactic acid can be related to the use of feeds containing too much starch, but also to a wrong work method, to lack of suitable supplementations according to the work intensity. As far as feed is concerned we offer two solutions: if the problem is occasional or not excessively manifested, we recommend H24, a product with a medium starch level, but rich in fats and digestible fibres. If on the other hand the problem occurs very often with even intense signs, we propose FIBER HE which is a product with a very low starch content, but greatly fattened and rich in digestible fibres. Both these products contain also an optimal antioxidant and B vitamins supplementation. Obviously it will be necessary to find the most suitable work method for the horse.  For more information, send your request and contact us.

What can I use for a riding school horse that works two or three hours a day?

School horses must be balanced, that is have energy to work but maintaining a calm temperament because they are ridden by non-experienced riders. They must also keep a good body condition. feed we suggest in this case is H111, a product with a good fat content, digestible fibres and a small percentage of oats, which does not affect horses’ excitability. But if there were any problems of excitability, you can use the H110 version that does not contain any oats. For more information, send your request and contact us.

I have a foal just weaned. Which is the most suitable product?

A foal that has just been weaned needs a very digestible feed, which gives him the necessary energy and proteins to grow up in a correct and harmonious way. In this phase the supply of minerals and trace elements is fundamental too, because they play a key role in the prevention of developmental orthopaedic diseases. The product that fulfils these requirements is Horse Fioc H3, correctly energy and protein balanced and with a vitamin and mineral supplementation suitable for the needs of the growing foal. For more information, send your request and contact us.