Certified Production

Our job is based upon quality and efficiency: we intend to be the best supplier for our customers.
In order to guarantee the absolute and complete safety of our products, we strictly control all the raw materials from a chemical, physical and microbiological point of view through accurate analyses. We guarantee the traceability for every single batch in each phase of production.

Our certifications:

                    22005                            DTP030 3923         3923

 Traceability in the agrifood chains                   Non-GM product Certification, without additional meat-and-bone meals or animal fats.
 UNI EN ISO 22005:2008                                                                Certificato 3923 (DTP 030, DTP 042)        

Italfiocchi Monfort has obtained the voluntary product certification concerning the requirements about “Non-GMO” and “absence of additional meat-and-bone meals and animal fats” and has exclusively assigned a plant to Non- GM feed production chain. The raw materials used,- soy, corn and the derived ones-, are not genetically modified and totally of vegetable origin. Thanks to a strict self-monitoring plan based on the HACCP principles and to the use of  Non-GM raw materials, we limit the risk of contamination by GMO.

Italfiocchi Monfort is a qualified supplier and conforms to Coop Italia production technical policy.


Italfiocchi uses RENEWABLE ENERGY