Polo Pony Feed

All feeds dedicated to Polo Ponies are formulated to maximize the amount of vitamin and mineral supplements available and are designed to support muscle performance during Chukkers. Polo Ponies muscular system is exposed to intense and short bursts of stress due to sprints, turns, sudden stops, roll backs and gallops at high speed during which the muscular fibers are highly stressed and need extra injections of antioxidant vitamins so to prevent fatigue, injury & spasms. With Polo Fioc Premium a horse receives an average of 0.5 g per kg. of Vit. C and E per Kg.

We have also increased the dosage of vitamin B group in our feeds, as these are fundamental for the metabolism of energy and are required to optimize the conversion of energy from fat and starch. We can now also protect the intestinal tract of the horse through our “Probiotic”, a selected branch of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae that controls intestinal fermentation in order to allow the horse to absorb the most of what is ingested (hay or feed) and digested, to avoid problems in the intestine. So with our high quality formulation designed for Polo, we help Polo Ponies to withstand the stress of hard training but also help to reduce the risk of intestinal disorders, stomach bloating and colic due from climate change or particular efforts.

The line includes:

Is a feed suggested for periods of low work, and while training in preparation for an event, or as staple feed for Polo Ponies sensitive to oats. We know that some Polo Ponies have an Oat sensitivity and that this can cause behavior changes making them more nervous and difficult to manage. Polo Fioc Basic is formulated to help meet your training and horse  requirements helping you get the best performance possible.

Is a feed with extra Oats content, it gives the horse all the high energy level they need while competing or performing during the tournament season. During the period of intense practices and tournaments, our Oats are considered a wonderful positive energy supplier.