Breeding Line

horse fioc celeste (104 x 177)

ITALFIOCCHI feeds use Flaked  cereals to guarantee maximum starch assimilation and supply the right amount of energy. 

Starch is essential to build up bones and muscles in young subjects and ensure the correct feeding to the mare, this is provided by soya bean, sunflower and linseeds and all this is completed by adding Lysine, which is the main essential amino acid for growth.

Omega 3 fatty acids contained in linseed promote fertility and the foal’s immunity, but also improves coat aspect. In order to balance these feeds in the right way the product is enriched of calcium, phosphorus and trace elements, fundamental to prevent orthopaedic diseases such as epiphysitis, osteochondrosis, etc. 

The line includes:


Key Features:
√ Energy from Flaked cereals
√ Optimal protein and amino acid level
√ Correct balance balance of Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc
√ Macro and Trace Minerals
√ Omegas 3 and Vitamin E
√ Probiotics

web_h3_20131105140036-largeKey Features:
√ High-quality protein sources
√ Lysine supplementation
√ Flaked cereals
√ Macro and Trace elements 


web_h3_20131105140036-largeKey Features:
√ Steamed flaked cereals
√ Protein of high biological value
√ Strengthened with minerals and trace elements
√ Low content of Oats
√ Contains fatty acids of omega 3 kind

web_breeding-balancer_20131031100802-large√ High biological value protein
√ L-Lysine supplementation
√ High levels of vitamin E and Omegas 3 for fertility
√ Correctly balanced in macro and trace elements


ITALFIOCCHI Breeding Line includes complete feeds that fulfil the nutritional needs of mares and foals, from three months of age complete development.
It is now well known that, in the mare, maintaining an optimal body condition is fundamental for fertility and also for its pregnancy. But it will be important even afterwards, when it will have to ensure a milk production large enough to satisfy the foal’s needs at least for the first three months of life.
In the foal, on the other side, a balanced diet is essential to express at its height and its genetic potential so to avoid bone or muscle disorders that could compromise the future racing career. Our feedsare formulated thinking to all of horse phases along its life, get more information in the specific lines: LEISURE, COMPETITION, HIGH PERFORMANCE, WELFARE.