Welfare Line

horse fioc magenta (105 x 185)

In this category there are products characterized by a particular use, such as Mash, or by a special composition which makes them suitable for horses prone to various pathologies, as for instance gastritis, tying-up or metabolic diseases such as Cushing’s, EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) and laminitis.


The line includes:


Key Features:
√ Non heating feed
√ It contains precooked Linseed
√ High digestibility
√ Recovering feed for horses that have been submitted to an intense effort
√ Good-tasty and relaxing meal for the horse
√ Easy and quick to prepare

web_fiber-HE_20131105095248-largeKey Features:
√ Very low starch content
√ High amount of digestible fibres and fats
Correctly balanced with macro minerals, amino acids and vitamins


√ Flaked/laminated cereals: maximum starch assimilation
√ Optimal level of fats
√ Mineral, vitamin and amino acid complete supplementation
√ It contains Italfiocchi Phytocomplex


NUTRIOIL by Italfiocchi Monfort is a mixture of Rice and Linseed oils to be added to horse’s ration whose benefits are summarized in
√ Increase of total energy without using an excessive amount of concentrates

With NUTRIOIL you can do more: in addition to energy, thanks to its composition based on Rice oil and Linseed oil, we supply at the horse also nutrients that do not contain commonly used oils, while maintaining an optimum balance between fatty acids Ω3 and Ω6.

IFM Lyte

IFM LYTE provides balanced electrolytes able to enrich the ration of the horse with precious elements, which are essential for the welfare of the Sport horse. The pellet form, allows an easy and efficient administration also to those horses who do not like powdered supplements. In addition, all the product administered is ingested by the horse without any waste.

√ Electrolyte pellets

AMINOFLEX is a concentrate feed designed to help and support horses during the most intense and delicate phases of the competing season. AMINOFLEX provides all the essential nutrients correctly formulated, with the object to balance and enrich the ration of athletic horses. The horse responds better to physical stress and loss of physical form are limited to the maximum. During the period of more intense work, in fact, increasing energy by increasing the amount of feed in the ration, is not enough. But noble proteins as also, amino acids, macro-trace elements and vitamins are necessary… in a nutshell.. AMINOFLEX! ”

√ Concentrate feed, essential nutrients correctly formulated