Competition Line

horse fioc giallo (105 x 185)As far as COMPETITION Line is concerned, we offer a complete range of very palatable feeds, able to supply the correct amount of energy obtained from cereals, all laminated to improve their digestibility, but also from fibres and fats, in order to optimize at best both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism: in that way race horses needs are satisfied in all the different work situations, which can change in intensity and duration.
The selection of feeds gives the opportunity to choose the most suitable product for your horse’s needs: the feeds actually range from H10 formulation, totally oat-free and therefore optimal for horses with a  particularly excitable temperament, through H15 which contains a small percentage of oats, to H14 where on the contrary oats are an important constituent. H16 contains also some laminated alfalfa to increase the supply of digestible fibres and further promote chewing.

The line includes:

web_h10_20131031100225Key Features:
Oat-free, with extruded cereals
Supplemented with lysine
Good fat supply
Complete mineral and vitamin supplementation

web_h14_20131031100256Key Features:
√ Laminated and extruded cereals
√ Good Oat content
√ Ω 3 supply
√ Not excessive quantity of protein
√ Lysine
√ Vitamin E and selenium

web_h15_20131031100320Key Features:
√ Large use feed, with extruded cereals
√ Protein from noble vegetable sources
Supplemented with lysine
√ Supply of Ω 3 essential fatty acids
√ Mineral and vitamin supplementation


Key Features:
√ Laminated and extruded cereals
√ Laminated alfalfa
√ Complete mineral and vitamin supplementation


ITALFIOCCHI COMPETITION Line has been formulated very carefully: the protein part, derived from many sources such as Soya bean, Sunflower, milk proteins etc., guarantees the regular supply of noble amino acids to maintain toned and strong muscles. The supplementation of lysine, the main essential amino acid for horses, increases the protein total biological value. A particular attention has been given to mineral and vitamin supplementation too. Indeed, the feeds have the right supply of macro minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, to obtain a balanced ration. Trace elements, particularly Zinc and Copper, have a fundamental role by entering into many biochemical processes, essential for body’s functions. As far as vitamins are concerned, special attention has been given to vitamin E because of its known antioxidant properties which in association with selenium help protect muscles from the damages caused by free radicals. Also B vitamins, having a fundamental role in horses’ energy metabolism, have been correctly supplied.

Our feeds are formulated thinking to all the phases of a horse’s life, get more information in the specific lines: BREEDING, LEISURE,HIGH PERFORMANCE, WELFARE.