High Performance Line

horse fioc arancio (105 x 190)This line of feeds has been created for high performance horses  which work every day and need a product which totally satisfies their high requirements in terms of calories and macro minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
These feeds supply balanced energy, using not only cereals as a traditional source, but also fats and digestible fibres in order to modulate calories availability without causing glycaemic peaks that could negatively interfere with the use of energy at the moment of maximum need. The great fat content allows, inter alia, to best use aerobic metabolism and so to keep the production of lactic acid under control. This feature, together with the high level of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin C, helps maintain muscles perfectly efficient.

The line includes:

web_h24_20131031100548-2Key Features:
√ Limited starch supply
√ Energy from digestible fibres and fats
√ High-quality protein sources
√ Vitamin, mineral and amino acid high-level supplement


Key Features:

It fulfils the nutritional needs of horses in a wide range of different training and work situations