Our strengths

camionDo you want customized high-quality feed?
Are you looking for feed with a real quality/price ratio?
Do you have to guarantee a certified production chain, without GMOs?

Italfiocchi Monfort is your answer.

We offer tailor-made feed to the customer, in order to optimize both quality and profitability.
Thanks to customization it is possible to create ideal mixtures, studied for every type of breed. Italfiocchi line for sport horses is precious, formulated and studied for every phase of their life and for the mares’ welfare.
Our technical staff is at your disposal for a visit by your farm, to know the management, check the stable conditions and formulate a type of feed which is the most suitable to the customer needs. In this way the ration becomes a real nutritional formulation, where all the raw materials, those from your own production and those which are not, are mixed together.

the ration is optimized, more balanced and digestible, ideal to maintain and increase the animal welfare.
Everything with a large economic gain, thanks to the decrease of production and transport management costs, but without economizing on raw materials quality.

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