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H14 is a flaked cereal-based feed and a high content of oats in its whole form. The cereal lamination process guarantees an optimal digestibility, thanks to the gelatinization of starch, which is thereby better attacked by digestive enzymes and as a consequence easily absorbed in the gut. This feed is suitable for horses in medium-hard work because they can fully take advantage of the energetic and tonic properties of oats, in association with the energy deriving from fats and digestible fibres. In that way the horse can use both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, optimizing the energy flow. We have a good protein content, (properly dosed not to overload animal’s Metabolism), obtained through a balanced supply of soybean, sunflower seeds, and an additional supplementation of Lysine. Lysine is the main essential amino acid for horses, fundamental to provide protein turn-over in muscles, which is particularly important in racehorses. The supply of macro/trace minerals and vitamins also has been correctly supplemented, to balance and strengthen the product. Indeed, associated vitamin E and selenium are essential for effective antioxidant action and as a consequence protect muscles against the attack of free radicals. B vitamins are involved in energy metabolism and also trace minerals such as iron, copper, zinc and manganese are important because they enter into the composition of a very large number of enzymes, essential for the body’s vital functions.

Flaked cereals: high Starch absorption from cereals.
Good Oats content.
Low level of protein: lower metabolic overload.
Lysine: main essential amino acid for the horse.
Vitamin E and selenium: antioxidant action protecting muscles..

For active and training horses supply 0,7/1,2 Kg per 100 kg of body weight. Leave hay and clean water always available to the horse. Feeding amount may be influenced by age, breed, appetite, exercise, desired body condition, and nutritional quality of forage distributed or supplied.



Oats, whole barley flakes, corn flakes, rice bran, dehydrated Alfalfa, wheat middling, wheat bran, flaked broad beans, sugar cane molasses, dried carobs, flour extraction of dehulled sunflower seed, flour extraction of soy, sugar beet pulp, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Zeolithe-Chabasite, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, L-Lysine.

Composizione analitica

Raw protein 12,80%
Raw fats 4,40%
Raw fibre 9,40%
raw ashes 8,50%
Sodium 0,60%
L-Lysine ***

Fioc H14