Fioc H24 Challenge

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This is a complementary feed, formulated maintaining a low level of starch, but with an important quantity of fats and digestible fibers. Therefore, it supplies horses with energy taken from many balanced sources. It is recommended for those horses that need a constant energy supply over time but without “heating up”. It can be used for excitable and for starch intolerant horses. It is suitable for supporting the activity of dressage and endurance and for all the situations where horses get a benefit from low starch feeds to limit lactic acid production during work. Thanks to these features, H24 Challenge effectively supports horses during work, ensuring a constant energy supply over time, with maximum use of individual aerobic and anaerobic capability. A balanced noble protein content strengthened by LYSINE supplement, allows not to overload liver and kidneys, guaranteeing at the same time an adequate amino acid supply for toned and efficient muscles. All these factors help maintain horses in an optimal body condition, also thanks to vitamin supplement, especially E and C vitamin, with their known antioxidant activity promoting muscle health. Trace minerals, also in their chelated form to best promote their absorption, support the regular working of body vital functions.

Low starch level (20%).
Omega 3 supply: positive action on immune and structural system at muscular level
Energy from digestible fibres and fats: controlled release of energy and optimal endurance.
High-quality protein sources to promote cell turn-over and muscle tone.
Vitamin, mineral, and amino acid high-level supplementation to support at best the regular body working.

For active and training horses supply 0,7/1,2 Kg per 100 kg of body weight. Leave hay and clean water always available to the horse. Feeding amount may be influenced by age, breed, appetite, exercise, desired body condition, and nutritional quality of forage distributed or supplied.


Sugar beet pulp, whole oats, flaked barley, dried alfalfa, maize flakes, sunflower whole seed, wheat bran, wheat middling, whole linseed, sugar beet molasses, soy oil, flour extraction of soy dehulled and toasted, dehulled soy flour, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, L-Lysine.

Composizione analitica

Raw protein 12,00%
Raw fats 7,50%
Raw fibre 12,00%
Raw ashes 7,50%
Sodium 0,53%
L-Lisine 0,64%

Fioc H24 Challenge