Hay Cube Basic

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HAY CUBE AND HAY CUBE BASIC are obtained by hay cut shortly mixed to high-temperature steam flaked cereals (for Hay cube). The artificial dehydration of the hay using hot air allows to collect it at its best condition of height and growth reducing to the maximum the influence of the weather on the hay harvesting, as the forage is brought immediately into the dryer to be dehydrated more quickly and brought to suitable levels. This ensures a perfect conservation avoiding the loss of the most important nutritional values usually related to the traditional hay harvesting in the field. For this, the final product obtained is of higher nutritional value, much more digestible and clean from molds than the traditional hays. During processing, the hay is dedusted and mixed to the cereals obtaining the characteristic “Hay cube”. This different form, instead of the “pellet form”, allows maintaining the hay in a long structure so to be munched better and longer by the horse. The addition of cereals increases the energetic level and makes this feed tastier and loved by the horses.

Easy handle, store and supply.
High quality Hay.
Highly digestible.
No molds or dust: suitable to all horses affected by chronical cough.
The fiber stimulates munching: perfect for senior horses as the fiber is cut short

Hay Cube Basic and Hay Cube can be supplied to all horses, leisure, and sport, especially to those who need to increase weight and senior ones with munching difficulty (pour abundant water on the product to help the ingestion for the old horses. Daily dosage: from 1/1.5 kg each 100 kg live weight. Leave clean water to the horse.



Dedusted mix of hays, dehydrated and dedusted alfalfa, sugar cane and sugar beet molasses, glucose and fructose syrup, maltodextrine, saccharose

Composizione analitica

Raw protein 12,60%
Raw fats 1,80%
Raw fibre 26,10%
Raw ashes 9,40%
Sodium 0,20%
L-Lysine 0,40%

Hay Cube Basic