Breeding Balancer

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BREEDING BALANCER is a protein concentrate suitable for a cereal-based diet and formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of sport horse breeding. Indeed, thanks to its particular formulation and the use of selected raw materials, ideal feed to follow the foal during growth, from weaning to adult age and the mare in all the physiological phases she goes through during the year. It provides: high biological value protein, which, thanks to a balanced amino acid profile and L-LYSINE supplementation is effectively assimilated without waste, therefore letting the growing foal optimize the protein synthesis revealed by muscles harmonious growth; on the other side it is achieved the goal of maintaining the mare in excellent body condition, especially in the most critical periods such as the last trimester of pregnancy and in the phase of lactation.
High levels of vitamin E that, together with Selenium, promotes the mare’s fertility and prevents muscle diseases as for instance the foal’s white muscle disease, which is mainly caused by a deficiency in these two elements. Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D that, together with Copper, Zinc, Manganese (high bioavailability chelated Trace minerals) are fundamental to skeletal development and considerably decrease the risk of developmental orthopedic diseases such as osteochondrosis, epiphysitis, etc.
BREEDING BALANCER must be supplied added to cereals and hay according to the following table: the high energy level of this feed and its digestibility, it is possible to satisfy horses’ calories needs without using excessive quantities of product and therefore without overloading the digestive system. This allows horses to ingest the right amount of forage, all for the benefit of their general health condition.

High biological value protein.
L-Lysine supplementation.
High levels of vitamin E and Omegas 3 for fertility.
Correctly balanced in macro and trace elements.


Breeding Balancer, should be administered together with cereals and hay following the guideline below.


Dehulled soy flour, dried Alfalfa, flaked barley, sugar beet pulp, flour extraction of dehulled sunflower seeds flaked soy beans, whole linseed, Brewer’s yeast, sugar beet molasses, wheat bran, Dicalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Calcium carbonate, Lysine, Magnesium Oxide, Andrographis paniculata,Boerhaavia diffusa radice, Phyllanthus amarus, Solanum nigrum.

Composizione analitica

Raw protein 27,00%
Raw fats 5,00%
Raw fibre 10,50%
Raw ashes 13,20%
L-Lysine 2,56%
Sodium 0,91%

Breeding Balancer