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AMINOFLEX is a concentrate supplement formulated to front horses stress during the most and intense phases of the competing season. During this period of hard work, increasing energy in the animal’s ration or increasing the amount of feed is not, we need noble proteins, amino acids, macro-trace elements and vitamins. Aminoflex brings in the ration the right and all perfectly balanced substances that are essential to satisfy all the particular nutritional requirements and to balance and enrich the sport horses ration in the the period of competition, allowing him to front physical stress due to the intense work but limiting at maximum the loss of its body form.

: They are contained in a high biological value and are easily digestible by the intestine so to limit nitrogen waste. Aminoflex is also enriched with L-Lysine considering the high-level requirement of this essential amino acid related to growth and physical work.
ANTIOXIDANTS: Vit. E, Vit. C and Selenium, to ensure effective protection of the the muscular system against the damages caused by free radicals produced as a consequence of the physical effort.
OMEGA 3: essential fatty acids that play a vital role in the constitution of cellular membranes.
PROBIOTICS: are essential to maintain in perfect efficiency the intestinal tract that is always heavily stressed by important quantity of feed to digest, they also prevent intestinal disorders that are the origin of the most frequent matters (loss of weight, bad absorption of nutritional elements, liquid stools, colic).
ARTICULAR PROTECTION: in the formulation of AMINOFLEX we also included a precious addition of Glucosamine and MSM fundamental for joints, articular diseases and cartilage protection that can be affected by hard work and intense training.

AMINOFLEX is a supplement feed to be added into the ration in variable dosage of 0.5/1kg day added to the normal amount of feed supplied, obviously depending on the breed and the horse’s activity.


Sugar beet pulp, dehusked soybean flour, maize, dehydrated alfalfa, dehulled sunflower seeds flour, whole soy flakes, sugar cane molasses, whole linseeds, soy oils and fats, whey powder, brewer’s yeast, seaweeds, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Chloride, Metil Sulfonyl Methane, Lysine, Glucosamine,Inulin extracted from chicory roots.

Composizione analitica

Raw protein 18,66%
Raw fats 7,19%
Raw fibre 9,93%
Raw ashes 12,61%
L-Lysine 2,88%
Sodium 0,64%