Fioc Stud 34

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HORSE FIOC STUD 34, is a complementary feed suitable to satisfy the nutritional needs of the mare and the growing foals up to one year of age. It brings a noble protein that is easy to assimilate thanks to a balanced mix of Soy, Sunflower, and Lin which ensures the coverage of essential amino acids, essential in the fundamental physiological phases of the mare, especially in the last month of pregnancy and lactation. In the growing foal, they ensure optimal tissue development and therefore a harmonious growth. The cereals are in flaked form, to ensure maximum assimilation and avoid digestive problems at the same time. Whole linseeds, on the other hand, provide fatty acids and Ω 3, essential for fertility and the immune system. To completely of the product, the fundamental minerals are added such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and chelated trace elements, in the right ratios for optimal absorption and therefore to make that the foal has all that is necessary to build a robust skeleton. This is to avoid running into developmental orthopedic diseases, which can compromise the subject’s future competitive career. STUD 34 is also strengthened by the addition of vitamins, to strengthen the body’s physiological functions.

Excellent protein and high-quality level to maximize tissue growth in foals and promote milk production in the mare.
Flaked cereals: energy readily available.
Correct integration with calcium, Phosphorous, Copper, Zinc and Lysine.
Macro end trace elements Ω3 and Vit. E to promote fertility in adult subjects.

Foals in lactation until the third month age from 300gr up to 800gr/day, depending on mare milk production. From the fourth month up to 1 year age increase by 200/250gr/- month age, divided into 2/3 rations. Mares: 0.7/1.2kg each 100kg live weight, depending on the physiological period and depending on the breed. Always leave hay and clean water.


Whole Flaked barley, Whole oats, flaked green pea, flaked maize, wheat bran, flaked whole soybeans, maize bran, dried alfalfa in pellet form, molasses from sugar beet, whole linseed, dehulled soybean flour, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Zeolite-Chabasite, Sodium Chloride, L-lysine.

Composizione analitica

Raw protein 16,50%
Raw oils and fats 5,00%
Raw fibre 8,30%
Raw ashes 7,10%
Sodium 0,50%
L-Lysine ***

Fioc Stud 34